August Bed Tax Numbers CRUSHED, Worse than July

Like igniting gun powder on an open wound, August’s bed tax collection numbers were a piercing pain in an open wound.  We talked about last month that July’s bed tax collection numbers were down 14.58% total, including the normal first three cents combined with the additional 4th and 5th cent.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, August’s numbers were just released and rang in at 14.74% down over August of 2009.  Remember, this number is a comparison of year over year and fails to take into consideration the potential for increase as a result of normal growth and the explosion we were expecting this summer with the opening of the new airport and millions of extra marketing dollars being pumped into this area.

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PCB TDC to Meet, Discuss Summer Marketing Updates, Bed Tax Numbers

Tuesday, August 24, the Panama City Beach Tourist Development Council (known around these parts as the TDC) will meet to discuss various invoices to be paid, the possible build of a new Monument Sign, this summer’s bed tax numbers from June and July and a few other things that we’ll report on in greater detail tomorrow.

It’s been a couple of months since they’ve held a TDC meeting, but they’re usually pretty fun.  And, we’re always on top of covering them and providing the latest as to what’s happening, live, during the meeting.  Instead of cluttering up your Facebook feed with status updates on our page, we’ll hop over to our Twitter feed and post regular updates on what’s happening during the meeting.

For reference, here are the links.

The meeting will be at 9 am and will be held in the Council Room at the City Buildings in Panama City Beach.

Read on for the full agenda.

Or, you can just click here to download it.

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