New 3,000 Acre Nature Park Under Construction

Under construction right now is a 3,000 acre nature park on the west end of Panama City Beach.  Owned by the city of Panama City Beach, this new park will feature over 20 miles of nature trails with around a mile of it being elevated 6 foot wide boardwalk.

The location of the park is just north of the St. Joe Commerce Park on Griffin Blvd, about a mile west of Highway 79 on Panama City Beach Parkway (Back Beach Road).

The 3,000 acre property was purchased as a nature preserve and to serve as a discharge for treated waste water.  There will be a number of retention ponds and wetlands that will be surrounded by nature trails.

In addition to tons of nature trails and beautiful nature, there will be an amenity building that will have public restrooms.

The park is expected to be completed in April of 2011, look for more information soon, including a video tour, when we can get better access to the property.

2 thoughts on “New 3,000 Acre Nature Park Under Construction

  1. Hi to all you nature lovers. you are the best.
    I am hoping the trails will access motorized wheel chairs etc. for the many people who are restricted from so many oppertunities nature has to offer.


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