VIDEO: This Week at the Beach – Powered Paragliding

We’ve been asking around and you’ve told us that you want the weekly beach update videos back.  So, we decided to add a little spice to it.  This week, we’re showing you amazing shots of the beach, with John Black’s ‘s Powered Paragliders coasting through the air.  Next week, we’re going on a ride on one.

Check after the break for the video.

Powered Paragliding is a form of ultralight aviation in which the pilot wears a motor on their back that provides forward thrust.  This thrust is enough to get them fast enough to provide lift using a paraglider wing – speeds range from 5 to 45 mph, depending on motor size and wind conditions. The paramotor usually weighs between 50 and 80 pounds and is supported by the pilot during takeoff, but is then supported by the wing during flight.  The pilot sits in a seat that is attached to the entire rig.

To learn more about power paragliding in Panama City Beach, visit

7 thoughts on “VIDEO: This Week at the Beach – Powered Paragliding

  1. You know these are “fantastic”!!!! I’ve watched the guys sooooo many times while sitting on the beach or up by the pool, hover on over…… it seems like they don’t have a care in the world & hey, I guess they don’t when flying!
    I have a great friend over in Aussie that used to belong to a club of guys and gals who flew these gliders. He would write me the best of tales about each flight he made……. they were just unbelievable to read. I think if you truly love flying it’s the closest you come to being or experiencing freedom, not to mention what beauty you see! Sad thing my Aussie friend was stricken with multiple sclerosis a few years back & he had to stop his flying.
    But, it’s something he will never forget.
    Me, I think it’s a great thing….. a lil pricey but, if you have the funds go for it & have fun!



  2. Powered Paragliding is an amazing sport and some really incredible people in it. Proper training and equipment selection are paramount to your success. Give us a call at 855-Fly-1Now 855-359-1669 we can train you in as little as on week!


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