Weekend Weather – Thanksgiving 2010

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What a weekend to enjoy the beach,  Bay County traditions, or, hey, create your own! You’ll have a chance to see the shore in many different lights, from gray and silver to blue and gold. If you are a photographer, or just an appreciator,  you will not want to miss what’s in store this long and relaxing weekend.

Daily Forecasts

Wednesday night: Sunset will be lovely at 4:43 pm. Some clouds, but please look out for areas of fog after midnight. We are under a Dense Fog Advisory during the overnights; on Tuesday the fog came in by the afternoon. This fog can come up around any corner, or in any dip in the road.  Please drive carefully, and make sure to use your low beams in the fog. It’ll only get down to about 62.

Thanksgiving Day: Areas of fog before 8am. Otherwise, mostly sunny, with a high near 77. South southeast wind around 10 mph.

Thursday night: Areas of fog before 8am. Otherwise, mostly sunny, with a low near 65. South southwest wind around 10 mph. Great for a long walk on the beach after that delicious dinner! Sunset is at 4:43 pm.

Friday: Sun and clouds, chance of showers, up to 70 degrees. Great day to shop, great day to relax, great day to check out the exceptional beauty of the beaches in all weather.

Friday Night: Gorgeous sunset very likely,  4:43 pm.

Saturday: Sunny with a little freshness in the air-high about 65. Cover up AND sunscreen.

Saturday Night: Sunset at 4:43 just in time for the Boat Parade of Lights!  Clear enough to see some twinkling stars and planets later. Down to about 48 or so here on the coast.

Sunday: Sunny, a few clouds, up to about 70. Refreshing.

Sunday Night: Showers possible, Sun setting at 4:43 pm -low should be around 53.

Again, not that we can change it, but let us know- Do you prefer just sun? Or do you like the winds and strong tides as well? Leave us a comment below.

What to expect from the Gulf

The water temp is in the 60s now – but remember, always aquaint yourselves with our beach flag safety system, and remember two red flags means STAY out of the water.

The Gulf and the bay are both full of fish, Pompano is running in the surf, flounder’s in the bay you’ll find lots of good stuff farther out.

If you’re  beachcombing, don’t forget the  rays. Watch your feet – shuffle through the surf, don’t stomp.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!

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