Thanks to the Readers of PCBDaily

This holiday season we wanted to thank you for your continued support of PCBDaily over the years.  We’ve grown tremendously since we started blogging about Panama City Beach in September of 2006, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

This time last year, we were talking about the airport and the runway extension, offered some tasty suggestions for Thanksgiving dinner, and the elimination of the Y at Highway 79 and Front Beach Road.  Interestingly enough, in 2008 we talked about Black Friday deals (Target didn’t open until 6 am), a free movie at The Grande, Seahaven auction details, and an airport construction update video.  In 2007, we were talking about the TDC, condo sales being down, and mortgage rates hitting a six month low.

We have some exciting content planned for 2011 and tons of great ideas coming up.  Tell us some of the things you’d like to hear about in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Thanks to the Readers of PCBDaily

  1. Thanks Jason for the great job you guys do to keep everyone PC Beach savvy whether Locals, Visitors or Local Vacationers like Ann and myself.

    With warmest regards, I am

    Roger L. Dougherty


  2. Hi Jason… I also want to thank you for bringing us such wonderful stories, news articles & updates on PCB. They are just great & I love reading/commenting on them… I look forward to 2011 and reading all the great stories and commets that are posted here.
    I guess some of the things I’d like to here most about are the sometimes forgotten “simply” things of PCB. It seems the new & exciting somehow shadow these “natural” beauties.
    If you’ve never stood down by the alligator pool in St. Andrews Park & watched the hundreds of Egrets nesting high in the trees across the lake, you have truly missed out on a “natural” forgotten beauty.
    Or, what about a simple boatride out on the bay looking at the pelicans & watching the dolphins play….. relaxing, you bet.
    Let me also remind you of one more that really facinates me….. the many many times I’ve been blessed to vacation at PCB I always love riding a boat up the coastline looking at the masive condos from the opposite side. You can’t imagine just how much your coast has changed in looks since I was a girly! lol lol
    These are some of the “simple” beauties I love telling about, believe me I have plenty of PCB stories. You can always tell a person who loves writing & Jason I do believe we share that “gift”.
    My wish for you is a wonderful Christmas Season and a very Happy & prosperous New Year 2011! May there be many wonderful happenings to report & write about!
    Always, Cathy/Tennessee


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