Panama City Beach Boat Parade this Weekend

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In years past, we’ve all made the journey across the Hathaway Bridge to view the spectacle of the St. Andrew’s Boat Parade.  This parade on the water features boats of all sizes, big and small, adorned with Christmas lights and holiday cheer.  This year, you can save yourself a trip across the bridge and enjoy our very own boat parade on Panama City Beach.

This Saturday, December 4th at 6:30 pm, the Panama City Beach boat parade starts at the Bay Point Marina and slowly makes its way down Grand Lagoon.  After the route passes by the Boatyard Restaurant and Captain Anderson’s Marian, they’ll pass by Treasure Island and Pirate’s Cove Marina, making their way back to the Bay Point Marina for celebrations at 30 Degree Blue.

There are several awards being given out for varying categories:  Best Sailboat, Most Patriotic, Best Powerboat, Most Outlandish, and Best Boat Under 30′.

What:  Panama City Beach Boat Parade
When: Saturday, December 4th at 6:30pm
Where:  Starts at Bay Point Marina, goes down Grand Lagoon through Capt. Anderson’s and Treasure Island Marina, ends at Bay Point Marina
Why:  Because boat parades are awesome

For more information or to register your boat, contact Steve Arndt at 850-628-1740 or steve(at)

9 thoughts on “Panama City Beach Boat Parade this Weekend

  1. Hello PCB !! My wife and I just moved to Panama City Beach and would like to get to know the neighbors! I have 25+ years in the Restaurant biz and need a job now. We got the house on Thomas on the east end! I would like to have time to work with the theatre as well.Feel free to drop us a line .—Lee


  2. So looking forward to this inaugural parade!!!! I was wondering, though, about the time it starts. sunset is about 4:30, so I read one article that says it starts just after sunset… if people come for a 6:30 start, they will miss it!!


  3. I was really disappointed to read this article about the boat parade and it be a us against them article. I am in PCB off of Thomas Dr and went to the boat parade in St Andrews last Saturday night. It was a wonderful experience. If I am in town next year I will go back.

    I wish I was going to be in town to watch the boat parade in PCB. There is no saving a trip across the bridge to watch a boat parade. This article should have encouraged locals to enjoy both parades. I truly hate to see the competition start between Panama City and the Beach. There are wonderful positives for both areas and the sum of the two working together is certainly larger than the sum of each individually.

    I hope you will edit the article and remove the negative comments about the boat parade in St Andrews.

    I hope the PCB parade is a tremendous success and gets bigger each year.

    Merry Christmas


  4. I could not agree more with the person asking for this article to be edited. I, too, go to the St. Andrews boat parade every year. I was looking forward to enjoying both parades, but since I live in Panama City, should I save myself a trip across the bridge? I think not!!! Don’t take away a great event, just add another. Panama City and PCB are connected by the Hathaway Bridge, not divided by it.

    Here’s to TWO great Boat Parades!!!


  5. Saw it that way. That is what the article states very clearly. I truly believe you didn’t intend that, but the article needs to be reworded.


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