Secrets of PCB – Take Fido to the Dog Beach

This is part of our Secrets of Panama City Beach series, showing you things about the beach, you’ve never dreamed of.

The journey to uncover Panama City Beach’s best kept secrets and welcomed surprises continues with my second location in the series: doggie beach.  Traveling with pets have become increasingly common over the years and many people, tourists and locals alike, are unaware that there is a Florida state law that mandates that pets are not allowed on the beaches.

Thankfully, for pet owners and our furry friends, certain counties throughout Florida do allow parts of the beach to be designated for dog use.  The designation of a portion of our beach makes this part of Panama City Beach unique, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful beaches with your canine friend!

The area is on city property to the west of the Russell-Fields Pier, at the southern base of Pier Park shopping center.  Pier Park is also dog friendly as well as the adjacent Aaron Bessant Park.  It’s great to see Fido digging in the soft sand or getting his paws wet in the warm gulf water.  Plus it’s a great way for Fido to find some fur-friends, as there are always dogs enjoying this great stretch of beach.

The doggie area of the beach spans 400 feet and has plenty of room for each dog to have their own space.  The area also plays hosts to a variety of pet activities throughout the year from fund-raisers to fun costume contests.  With lots of places and hotels now accepting pets, it makes the choice a no brainer for you to take your vacation (and your pet) to PCB! Who knows, maybe you’ll be the lucky dog on your next vacation.

A great resource for pet friendly places and pet rules in Panama City Beach is, Bay Families with Dogs,  Check them out before your next trip. Coming next week, I’ll look at a local favorite and must eat place while in PCB.

2 thoughts on “Secrets of PCB – Take Fido to the Dog Beach

  1. So long as dog owners understand they MUST keep their pooch within the 400-foot parameters of “doggie beach” — everyone will continue to get along swimmingly.

    Entertain your dog anywhere else along our beautiful sugar-white beaches — you will be ticketed and have to pay a fine!!

    Thanks for your cooperation!


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