Weekend Weather – Relaxing

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We’ve done it again – warmed up a little for your weekend getaway.  Whether you’re resting up, or getting in that last round of shopping, this weekend’s weather will be MUCH better than temps in the teens! Make your headquarters here on the shore, and you’ll have breathtaking views of golden sunsets and maybe even some silver showers. But, you should bring a warm jacket and some hot boots for Saturday night, wear some walking shoes and discover the best in nature and gift-giving.

Daily Forecasts

Thursday night: It will feel positively summer-like compared to earlier this week. Mostly clear,  low  about 57.   Sun will set at 4:46 pm.

Friday: Might have some showers first thing, high a balmy 69. Great day to rest up for the weekend.

Friday Night: Fantastic sunset should break through about 4:46 pm. Only down to 55.

Saturday: Sunny, fifty-fifty chance of rain. All the way up to 60 degrees! Beautiful beachscape, or a warm day to shop and sightsee.

Saturday Night: Sunset at 4:47. Cooling down- Christmassy! Low at the beach about 36.

Sunday: Sunny, with a high about 54. Clear, crisp, air.

Sunday Night: Sun setting at 4:47 p.m. -lows near 34.

What a sight the Gulf is right now- take lots of pictures!

For fishing, you might want to try out some of our piers. The new Panama City Pier is right across the street from Pier Park, and even has a restaurant. The new County Pier is a little farther west, and what lovely views.  The last time I was out on a pier, I saw rays, and a shark, and a piranha.

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