7 New Year's Alternatives to Pier Park

At PCBdaily.com, we realize that the Panama City Beach community is one riddled with diversity.  And keeping that in mind, we wanted to offer options to those out there who want to celebrate New Year’s Eve – but may not be feeling the crowds at Pier Park.

Let’s raise those noise makers to variety and tip our party hats to these alternative New Year’s Options!

Ms. Newby’s, Newby’s II and Back Door Lounge

No cover charge, live music (Crosstie), free champagne at Midnight and party favors.  Everyone knows that music sets the mood (don’t believe me, ask Al Greene) so just to give you a head’s up, Crosstie is a cover band. They play everything from Pink Floyd to ZZ Top. (info)

Club La Vela

Ok, forget what I said about big crowds, maybe you are the type of person who enjoys big throw-downs, but didn’t want to hit up Pier Park. If that’s the case, then strap on your 2011 mantra of “Go Big, or Go Home” and head out to Club La Vela. I’ll let them tell you in their own words, what to expect. “Come experience the biggest party on the beach. Club La Vela is getting ready for the party of the year! Friday, December 31, get ready to enter the future with thousands. The party starts at 8pm with FREE PREMIUM DRINKS  for everyone til 10pm” There you go, glitter not included. (info)


Another option for those who love the nightlife, but may not be feeling the Pier Park vibe. Schooners is hosting a New Year’s Eve party, with dinner reservations starting at 7pm, live music offered by the Chris Le Blanc band. Musical ambiance while dining is graciously provided by Stainless Steel. There IS an admission price, and varying dining/ seating- so please either call ahead for information or visit their website. (info)

Boatyard Restaurant

The Boatyard’s New Year’s Eve starts off with dinner reservations (5pm) and continues through out the night till the clocks strike 1am. Event details: “Join the fun with Boatyard and the On Call Band, featuring Hulon Crayton and his guest, singer Geoffrey McBride – beginning at 9pm. (info)


Breakers has so much going on New Year’s Eve that I’m just posting their website and directing you towards it. Here’s a hint, they’re celebrating New Year’s twice in one night. (info)


Dinner,  Live Band, party favors, and champagne toast at midnight! Featuring – BlackOut Band. Not mentioned here is the fact that Sharky’s lays claim to the self-appointed-title “World’s Largest Tiki Hut” (off topic, but between me and you- they had me at Tiki Hut) (info)


Not to be outdone by others in it’s genre, Spinnaker’s is offering to help usher in 2011 with dinner at Paradise Grill from 7pm-9pm and dancing at the Spinnaker Beach Club from 9pm-4am with DJ NYUl spinning in the Groove Room and live music by Phar Fletcher. Check website or call ahead, since there are reservations, and details involving both dinner & dance party.  (info)


For everyone else, here’s a reminder of what Pier Park is offering this New Year’s Eve (New Year’s Eve Ball Drop) with Gloriana headlining on the main stage and since no holiday would be complete with out the wise & often random advice from a caring parent, I leave you with my (Italian) family’s advice:  “I know you’re bound to get into something this New Year’s Eve, so just use your brain. Don’t drink or text while driving, try not to set anything on fire and don’t embarrass your family’s name.”

5 thoughts on “7 New Year's Alternatives to Pier Park

  1. We just moved here and new to the area,would anyone want to invite my wife and I anywhere to start off the New Year and our new life here?


    1. I’d love too but I don’t get out much. I do want to welcome you and your wife to Panama City. I’ve lived here my entire 48 years…born and raised, so now you can tell people you’ve gotten a reply from a REAL NATIVE of Panama City. I remember when all those Condo’s on the beach where NOT there…wish they weren’t today! The PCB Council should have never allowed people to build on the water side…our beaches would be better because of it. Ho well, welcome and I hope you find something fun to do. It’s mostly bar hopping around here….(UCK)


  2. Hi Lee & Linda! Welcome to PCB!
    We would totally invite you guys out, but we’re celebrating at home this year. Well, mostly we’ll be trying to coax our 1 year old into an early bedtime and as exciting as that might sound, it’s probably not the NYE you two were hoping. haha – also, if you haven’t yet, join our page on Facebook, it’s a great way to meet others in the area, as well as keep up on events!


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