TDC/CVB Meeting: Spring Break, Social Media

TDC/CVB Combined Board Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, January 11, 2011, at 9:00 a.m. at Beach City Hall.  The Board will be discussing Beach Nourishment Projects and  Sustainable Beaches, as well as Spring Break Public Relations and the utilization of Social Media.

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Bay County Tourist Development Council

Panama City Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc.

Panama City Beach

Tuesday, January 11, 2011                       9:00 a.m.        Council Room, PCB City Hall




Pledge of Allegiance

Approve Minutes From December 14, 2010



UPDATE ON TOURIST DEVELOPMENT TAX COLLECTIONS, Ms. Charlene Honnen, Tourist Development Tax Specialist


Canadian Snowbird Association, Ms. Nancy Bopcraft

Check Presentation to Beach Care Services, Mr. Scott Burt, Panama City Beach Sportfish Classic

FY 2009-10 CVB Audit Presentation, Ms. Katherine Lynn, Carr, Riggs & Ingram


Discuss and Consider for Approval CVB/TDC Financial Statements Dated November 30, 2010, Mr. Yonnie Patronis, Secretary/Treasurer

Discuss and Consider for Approval Coastal Planning & Engineering Invoice #101223, Mrs. Lisa Armbruster, Sustainable Beaches, LLC

Discuss and Consider for Approval FDEP Grant H6BA1 Amendment #5, Mrs. Lisa Armbruster, Sustainable Beaches, LLC

Discuss and Consider for Approval 2011 Sea Turtle Monitoring Contract, Mrs. Lisa Armbruster, Sustainable Beaches, LLC


Update on Beach Nourishment Projects, Mrs. Lisa Armbruster, Sustainable Beaches, LLC, and Mr. John Crane, USACE

Discuss CVB Spring Break Public Relations and Social Marketing Plans, Ms. Susan Estler, VP of Marketing

Update on Strategies to Increase Fall Visitation, Mr. Dan Rowe, President

Update on 2011 Mardi Gras Festival, Mr. Fred Lindholm





5 thoughts on “TDC/CVB Meeting: Spring Break, Social Media

  1. Welcome back Drunk & Drugfest! What a great idea to change the image of PCB to family friendly, are you kidding me? I would like to know who would bring their 10 or 12 year old boy or girl to PCB during Spring Break. Would you? Until PCB decides it will support condo, homeowners, and pier park with vacationers that don’t destroy the place, the the police will remain busy. Someone should film the damage inflicted on property and drug use and post on this site. What TDC, you don’t think the film would help our image?


  2. Uh…. that’s why you don’t rent your condo during spring break! I am a condo owner but I still love the fact that PCB supports spring break. If you don’t like spring break in PCB then there are a million other cities that you can move to that don’t have spring break at all.


  3. I understand that you don’t have to rent your condo during spring break; however, we all pay 5% of every condo rental to the TDC and that money is used to promote tourism.

    Most of the condo associations and rental companies have rules that do not allow rentals to guests with ages less than 25 years old.

    Why is the TDC spending money to promote tourism that will bring in potential guests we will supposedly not rent to?

    It appears that the no rentals to guests with ages less than 25 years old is a “wink wink” type rule as they are obviously renting somewhere.

    I have an extensive background in student housing and believe I can rent to young guests without incurring damage or promoting ridiculous behavior. I’m not against spring break or renting to responsible guests who are less than 25 years old; however, I am someone who tries to go by the rules.

    I’m for getting the rental rules changed or not using TDC money to promote rentals to guests with ages less than 25.


  4. I’ve already seen several adds about Spring Break PCB here in Nashville and on Facebook……. that’s really good I believe. PCB has (long) been a fantastic Spring Break location & really why would you not want it to be? Do you not realize how much income is generated at that time of year & beside not all “breakers” are disruptive. You actually have to spend money to make money & police monitoring is used at any event you host at the beach… right? You also have people get out of hand…. young or old, that is a proven fact. It is part of the BIG picture, not all people know how to have a good time and not ruin it for others so… all must be monitored.
    I think the 25 yr. age limit to rent a condo is wonderful… anything less than that do not rent to… it is always YOUR choice as condo owners or not to rent at all.
    As far as drinking & drugs…… any event you have there holds true to this. While on vacation last year my husband & I watched a group of older 65 to 70 yr. olds with 3 coolers pack with beer, drink & drink. Now, I know it was their business & they did not get out of hand but….. why drink so much?
    Drinking & the beach have always went hand in hand…. any vacation spot has drinks. Just accept the fact that people are going to drink.
    As for thet drugs…… I do nto know any part of this & I’m sure they are at PCB just as they are at any other vacation place across the USA. This is why all cities put on extra patrols when they host events.
    PCB is not any different than any other place in doing this…. it is for safety and to keep people in order.
    Remember to make money you have to spend money or the money will stop and vacationers/breakers will stop coming. It’s as simple as this.
    Either way….. Spring Break PCB is aproching and very fast. Hope they have a very safe one!
    As always in my opinion…..


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