Weekend Weather – Cool and Sunny!

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BIG NEWS! As of Wednesday, we’re the only state in the union with OUT snow on the ground! Nice, no ice! Clear skies, a little chill, but you can see every star in the sky, and in the daytime, so many birds on the shoreline. What a great time to be on Panama City Beach!

Thursday night: Sunset at 5:03 pm. Clear with a crisp breeze, bundle up and go look at those stars! Low about high 20s. Bundle up for stargazing!

Friday: Sunny skies, up in the 50’s. Wear a warm hat and enjoy this beautiful day!

Friday Night: Take a sunset stroll, bright and golden. Sun should hit the water about 5:04 pm.  Down to about 30 at the beach.

Saturday: Sunny day on the beach. High about 59. Bring a jacket, and take advantage of the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches.

Saturday Night: Sunset at 5:05, really pretty. The low will “only” go down to the 30’s tonight!

Sunday: Beautiful cloud formations and temps up to the 60’s will have plenty of folks out and about. Try biking around your neighborhood!

Sunday Night
:  Sun setting at 5:05 p.m. The low temp should be around 44 at the beach.

Get out a good warm waterproof jacket and get out on the water, sea dogs! The Bay is a little calmer, and there are  fish waiting for you. If you are really intrepid, get a wet suit and look beneath the surf. There are so many young fish – this is when they school in the bayous and estuaries. You’ll be delighted at what you see.

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