New Airport Pictures – NEVER BEFORE SEEN

You know how when you see project or construction renderings, the imagery always seems so polished, glossy and beautiful looking?  You always hope the final product will look just half as good as the original artist’s touch, but the real thing just never seems to be quite as beautiful.  Well, in the case of the new Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport – the exact opposite is true.  The final product, to me, looks even more beautiful than the original artist’s concepts.

It was January when I was looking through some old PCBDaily pictures and realized that I didn’t have any pictures of the New Airport as a completed project.  The new airport has opened up a whole new era of travel to Panama City Beach, spurred an immensely competitive arena for air travel to Northwest Florida (think $19 flights from Vision to VPS) and has consistently posted numbers three times what the old airport did month over month.

Now, before you look at these pictures, I want to address ONE thing – the lack of people in the shots.

When I was on site taking the pictures, I realized something that I hadn’t before I arrived, or I would have planned this a little better.  Flights come in on a schedule (duh), but I didn’t realize that the place would be practically empty in the 2 hours in between flights.  Well, it just so happened that when I came on property, the afternoon Southwest jet had just left, full with an afternoon crowd.  So, naysayers, before you jump into the comments with accusations that the new airport is empty, realize that the time before each flight leaves, the place is jam-packed.  I was asked to come back at 5 am right before the morning flight – I was told the baggage check area is full, almost wall to wall.

So, without further ado, here are the pictures!


The one year anniversary for the opening of the Northwest Florida Beaches International Airport is coming up fast but we figured many of you still haven

10 thoughts on “New Airport Pictures – NEVER BEFORE SEEN

  1. Commuting from Michigan, we have really enjoyed the convenience of the beautiful new airport and the scenic drive through the pines directly to our condo at the beach. Prime time fares are a bit steep so business must be good. Much more attractive fares can be found when we tend to visit in early spring and fall. It’s too nice in Michigan in summer to venture to PCB then.


  2. First the photos are very good but, I’m sorry it is a little disappointing to see the surroundings looking so bare and almost like flat-bush country.
    That terminal overhand photos almost looks like a plane aluminum tin roof… I guess I imagined it to be “beautiful” as many airports are. It’s really very “modern” of sorts going by the couches & seating for travelers…….maybe just a little bit too modern all polished and shining as it is portrayed. As you said, not really for the comfort or if one had to be there for several hours or a storm layover. It just doesn’t look to inviting to me, rather a cold look.
    Anyway……I was rather disappointed, hopefully it will look much better in person & when people are there creating some excitement and if the outside surroundings green up more.
    In my own opinion….. Cathy/Tennessee


  3. Nice still pictures. Why can’t I find any of your great Beach Videos that make us frequent visitors want to come back??


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