Seabreeze Jazz Festival [PICS]

Click here for a full schedule of the 2012 Seabreeze Jazz Festival! 

Wow, what a fantastic weekend.  The Seabreeze Jazz Festival was clearly more packed this year than it has ever been.  Crowds extended past the perimeter sidewalk and “into the forest.”  With artists from Bryan Culberson, Euge Groove and Eric Darius, the weekend was rocking, smoothing, and grooving and could be heard from miles away.

I could write about this all day, but I’m gonna save my words (and your time reading) and go right to the awesome pictures we took.

16 thoughts on “Seabreeze Jazz Festival [PICS]

  1. A wonderful event, well-attended by thousands of contemporary jazz fans from all over the US and abroad, who gathered to see the performing artists they know and love, while enjoying beautiful Panama City Beach.


  2. It was nice of the organizers to order up that nice, perfect clear blue sky. Nice touch. It was hard to believe the crowd was so big, but it was worth it. Incredible talent all around, but in my opinion, Mindi Abair was the weekend winner, hands down.


  3. OMG … what a fantastic, over-the-top jazz festival! We flew in from San Francisco to attend all 4 days of this fabulous event. Boney James, Eric Darius, Brian Culbertson, and Candy Dulfer were the best!


  4. Best Jazz Festival in USA. Top performances were Boney James, Eric Darius, Brian Culbertson and Candy Dulfer. Had to be over 10k in attendance.


  5. Everybody was good, but my top performer picks for this event were Boney James, Eric Darius, Ken Ford, Brian Culbertson and Candy Dulfer.


  6. Agree with all of you…Mindi, Brian, Eric, Boney and Candy were my favorite shows! The weather was fabulous, and the event was well organized. Missed having Nick Colionne as the host and missed having his show. Hope they bring him back next year! What a great festival for us fans, thank you to the promoters!


  7. Next year it would be great if you can get a press pass, get closer to the stage and take more photos of the musicians! Thanks for sharing.


  8. The 2011 SeaBreeze Jazz festival was awesome!

    Too bad the COOLERS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED for the 2012 SeaBreeze festival.

    Also, we need some more latin jazz or salsa artists added to the line-up.


  9. Let me tell you if you have not been you dont know what you are missing, it is unbelievable , I went for the first time in 2011 and I will never miss it again. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. I think the show off the chain all around , George Benson and Boney james on thursday night was outstanding to open the weekend. All the Acts was outstanding .Hope them get some new preformers that we ahve not seened in 2012.


  11. I would like to be placed on the SBJ Fest mailing list. Please invite violinist, Michael Ward to this year’s event. He is a definite crowd pleaser! Much better than Ken Ford. You won’t regret it! J. C. Neal, II


  12. 2013 will be my first trip to the Seabreeze Jazz Festivall. The pictures look great but I have a concern over how well you can see the stage performances from the general admission seating area? I lived in Colorado for most of my life, where mountain jazz festivals meant every seat was a good one, as the terain was not flat. Anyone who could share commentary on how well you can see the stage from the flat surface would be appreciated!


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