TDC Organizes 3 Large Fall Wknd Concert Events

Every year, about the second week in August, school starts back, rent-rates drop and the beach slows down.  For some, it’s a welcome change, but for others, it’s the ‘so-long’ of the bustle of a busy season.

For years, local tourism officials have dreamed of that mythical unicorn – the annual tourism season – and fall events have always helped extend that season just a bit to keep the life-giving tourism dollar flowing.  This year we have some nice surprises amongst the great fall weather to keep bringing people to our beaches.

Weekend events, famous people and music.

The Tourist Development Council (TDC) has put together a very interesting sequence of events to drive fall tourism.  They’ve orchestrated three weekend events that range from a Christian Music Festival to a weekend-long pirate’s festival.  They’ve structured the whole series very interestingly.  The only way to get tickets to any of the events initially is by booking through one of the TDC accommodation partners.  Any accommodation provider that has a valid tourism tax account has access to this.  On all the events, around two weeks prior to the event, any remaining tickets will be available to the general public.

Fun Never Sets Christian Music Fest

  • Located at Aaron Bessant
  • August 26th (Friday) – Matthew West, Petra, Third Day (headliner) – doors open at 5 pm
  • August 27th (Saturday) – Jamie Grace, Family Force Five, Peter Furler (formerly of the News Boys), Switchfoot, Toby Mac (headliner) – doors open at 2 pm
  • August 28th – Worship service, no time yet, but will be at Aaron Bessant Park

Fun Never Sets Country Music Fest

  • Located at Frank Brown Park
  • September 23 – Justin Moore, Randy Rogers Band, Miranda Lambert (headliner) – doors open at 5:30 pm
  • September 24 – Opening acts yet to be named, Jason Aldean (headliner) – doors open at 2 pm

Fun Never Sets Explorer of the High Seas Fest

  • Event will be from October 7th – 9th at Aaron Bessant Park
  • Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly fame) in concert on the 9th at 2 pm
  • Krewe of Dominique Youx will host a pirate parade
  • There will be a Beach Ball Drop
  • Dueling fireworks show between County and Russell Fields Pier
  • Pirate Ships will be in the Gulf
  • Dubbed a wonderful family and kids festival weekend
  • More details will be available on this soon
Video promoting the fall.

4 thoughts on “TDC Organizes 3 Large Fall Wknd Concert Events

  1. This is awesome! Thanks whoever got this to PCB, Miranda Lambert and Jason Aldeen will bring a huge crowd. Toby Mac puts on an awesome show, should be very fun weekends!


  2. WOOHOOoooooo!!! What do you know, I’ll get to see all of the ones in September this year!
    That is fantastic…… I can’t wait to be there!



  3. It would be nice if they offered at least a small portion of tickets for sale to locals. I know this TDC money is about developing tourism, but even a limited pre-sale for locals would go a long way in generating good will. Instead of the locals buying up all of the tickets, now we’ll be discouraging anyone we can from coming down so we can get a chance at the tickets.

    It’s a gas!


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