Borders at Pier Park to Close

Borders announced this week they’ll be closing all 399 of their stores, including their Panama City Beach store in Pier Park. At their peak, they had over 1200 stores, including their Walden Books chain, but over the years, they’ve slowly worked their way down.  In February, when they filed for bankruptcy, they had just under 650 stores.

Currently Borders employs just under 11,000 Americans, all of which will be laid off when the shutting down of Border’s is final.

The Pier Park store is expecting to begin liquidation on Friday of this week, but they expect to be around until the end of September, reported Amy Hernandez, manager.  “We’ll know more about our closing timeline as we move through liquidation,” said Hernandez, “we employ 30 locals and appreciate all the community support we’ve received.”

Amid online competition and digital book sales, the big-box book store concept is struggling.  Borders was second in size only to Barnes and Noble.


3 thoughts on “Borders at Pier Park to Close

  1. I am sorry to see Borders, or any bookstore go. It is a sign of the times, and I will miss the feel and smell of paper books. How long before they are a boutique item along the lines of music on LP vinyl?


  2. I’m sorry that Borders is closing It was always a positive experience going there. Staff was super friendly and helpful. It provided a quality shopping experience!!!


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