Pink Beards for Breast Cancer

Taking “real men wear pink” a step further are the men who dye their beards pink!  Pink Beards for Breast Cancer is an organization where men dye their beards pink to show support for breast cancer survivors, and hold events to raise money for research.

About the Event

Fighting back against breast cancer in three cities, the 2nd Annual Pink Beards for Breast Cancer Awareness will be held October 19.The event will be held in Springfield and Fairborn, OH and at the C-Level Bar and Grill here in Panama City,and is in memory of Eileen Meyers.  Proceeds from the event will be donated to breast cancer research, including profits from T-shirt sales.  The event will include live entertainment and charity auctions.

About Pink Beards

Founder, Michael Compton, dyed his beard for breast cancer in 2010 and it dawned on him that others might want to make the same statement.  The first event was held on October 27, 2010 in both Panama City and Springfield, OH.  Compton has goals to make this cause and the event nationwide.

You can learn more about Pink Beards for Breast Cancer at their website.

4 thoughts on “Pink Beards for Breast Cancer

  1. @LoganExplosion. I agree with you. But I created Pink Beards because it (BC) was at my front door and KILLING people I loved. I say go for it and start Yellow Beards. Cheers


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