You’re Invited to Celebrate the Arts

Beachy Beach and Cerulean Interiors are inviting you to celebrate their openings and enjoy local art on Saturday, November 12th from 10am-4pm.

These two businesses have actually been open for the past two years, but never held a Grand Opening and ribbon cutting- so it’s time now!  They decided against just holding an open house, in favor of holding an event to help local artists, contribute to Beach Care, and introduce the businesses to the community.  Karen Smith, owner of Beachy Beach, says,  “I have been so fortunate that so many in the community have supported and encouraged us so it is our turn to give some more back.”

Artists that will be present at “Celebrate the Arts” will be selling jewelry, painted art, pen and pencil art, textile art, and more.  Proceeds will benefit the local artists as well as Beach Care Services.

These artists include:

  • Eve Alligood
  • Gracie Alligood
  • Constance Snellgrove
  • Tana Plyler
  • Sharon Kator
  • Tom Jordan
  • Judy Kish
  • Global Effect

Enjoy getting to know Beachy Beach and Cerulean Interiors while giving back to local artists and Beach Care Services!

2 thoughts on “You’re Invited to Celebrate the Arts

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out for our event. We actually had a pretty good day and we can not wait to see what we have for Beach Care Services. WE were also fortunate as a Regina Carpenter Franklin and Kevin made some awesome food for the day!!!
    We were blessed in so many ways.
    There was a lot of love in one place today and that energy is a good start in changing the world one heart at a time!!!
    Grateful to all that supported our event!!
    Karen Key Smith


  2. How can I reach Eve Alligood to order an item I saw on someone else’s facebook page? I can not find a web site for her. Thanks, Mary Morgan


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