Pier Park Target Adding Grocery Ahead of Walmart

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With all the talk of Walmart coming into the area, it’s spurred even more activity.  Although Target’s making no claims of “keeping up with the Jones,” or in this case, “Walmart”, their push to add an expanded grocery section is certainly a plan to keep them ahead.  The Walmart that is being installed adjacent to Target, right across Powell Adams Road, is rumored to have a significant grocery area including produce and meats – although nothing official has been announced.

What we can expect at Target.

Target already has a pretty good grocery section.  It is certainly not Publix (or a Walmart Supercenter for that matter), but our family’s spontaneous needs can typically be met there.  They have milk, eggs, deli meats, some frozen foods, ice cream, cereal, chips, coffee, bread and tons of other essentials, and it’s all very fairly priced.  Shoot, we often do our grocery shopping there.

With the reorganization they’re adding fresh produce and meats and expanding on the other item types they already carry.  This will make them more of a one-stop shop and should bring in more grocery shoppers.  If it’s decent produce, it’ll draw our family in, along with countless others.

Target is also getting remodeled.

Just less than 5 years after opening, they’re giving the inside a significant overhaul.  You may have noticed the circus-tent-looking structure to the side of the building, next to the retired garden center – that’s the staging area for the work being done.

Expect new paint inside, new end cap designs, new isle layouts, isle shifts and a fresh new look.

When it’ll be complete.

Timing is everything right?  The new Walmart hasn’t even broke ground yet, much less begun moving dirt.  But the remodeled Target, groceries, and produce should be complete by mid-March.  Employees are expecting things to be ready for spring break.  This is well suited for what is projected to be, again, the busiest rental season ever.  As we just learned, last year broke records, if 2012 is better, then we’ll break more records.

What are your thoughts on the new Target? Do you think it’ll compete with whatever Walmart puts in?  Would you shop there?

21 thoughts on “Pier Park Target Adding Grocery Ahead of Walmart

  1. Now this is some welcome news. A grocery dept was the one thing lacking in this store and this improvent does not creep into local residential areas either. No need for Walmart now, right?


    1. Absolutely!!!!! Local merchants are still top on my list. Target, Walmart, and all the rest are a last resort and I will avoid them entirely if possible.


  2. First off I’d like to say that I’m glad WalMart is causing all the stir. It’s getting our community leasers more involved with the “westend” PCB communities. Pier Park is great and well together but once you reach hwy 79, NOTHING!
    With the exception of the new AMAZING fire department/sheriffs office! (thanks)
    Target has been a go to over Walmart for sometime. Quality, stylish products make it. Customer service is usually 100%! Good to know as always Target is on its a game. Looking forward to seeing what other changes are sparked by new competition!!


  3. I guess you have to look on this in a two-part way…… Many people are loyal customers of Target & many are loyal to Wal-Mart.
    Myself…… I am a “loyal” Wal-Mart customer. Although, while in PCB last year several times I did go into the Target but, never to shop for grocery items. If asked…. no, I probably never will either.
    Developers seem to do what keeps people shopping and that is building/additions to what people are accustomed to & spending the “most” money at. The age old remark is: Why build shops that no one spends money in? Build what is bringing in the most funds & customers to the area.
    I do not believe either store will be in competition with each other……. customers will shop where they are loyal too.
    Have a pleasant day!


    1. I want to become a loyal Target shopper and leave Wal-Mart in the dust. With the addition of a full size grocery unit, Target will get my business from that point on.


  4. Very good news indeed! I would certainly welcome another reason NOT to have to go to Wal-Mart. Target is, and always has been, a much classier store with happier employees.


  5. I always thought it odd Target said their studies indicated a Super Target was not warranted. Now they’re going to grow a “little” and there will be a full blown Wal Mart across the street. It makes you wonder if a super size Target would have influenced Wal Mart to move to a different location or even stay put.


  6. I am looking forward to the FRESH MARKET across the street. I do not like Walmart’s meat because it is all prepackaged. I like Target better because it is always clean and neat. The quality of their merchandise is much better. I have not shopped at Walmart since the Target at Pier Park opened! I probably won’t go there either when it opens at Pier Park!


    1. I am not familiar with “Fresh Market” but I am going to look this up. It seems really popular with everyone here so it has to be good!
      Looks like with this many wanting one….. your planning commission would surly vote to build one!


  7. Hi,
    I just discovered the Target at Pier Park and I’m sorry I didn’t buy my groceries here when I arrived for vacation. I will from now on. I’m a “coupon” clipper and “shopper” and found the prices to be competitive with Wal-Mart’s. I found more items that catered to “vacationers” like myself than at Wal-Mart. For example single packets of pancake mix and small bottles of syrup, exactly what I need! I’m impressed with this Target and I’ve never been to a Target with a friendlier and more helpful staff than the one here. Really sorry to hear they are building another Wal-Mart in PCB, isn’t one enough?


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