Spring Breaker’s Scavenger Hunt To Do Good

Spring Break is around the corner and the Panama City Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau is giving spring breaker’s a chance to spend their week doing good!  Visitor’s who register online before February 3rd, 2012 will have the opportunity to spend the week participating in a scavenger hunt around PCB.  Teams will collect special Panama City Beach mementos at specific stops along the hunt.How is that doing good you ask?  The winner will have a $10,000 donation made to a charity of their choice or for their organization.

Teams that are selected to participate in the scavenger hunt will participate in a weekly competition, where the winner of all four top teams being compared at the end.  The top team will win $10,000 and two runners-up will win $2,500 each.

Good luck to teams hoping to participate!

7 thoughts on “Spring Breaker’s Scavenger Hunt To Do Good

    1. I’m glad you said this because I have never seen any part of PCB beach look like this…….. your sand is WHITE.
      This looks like over on the Atlantic side to me!
      The Scavenger Hunt is a nice idea IF it is really promoted BIG and they can get lots of groups interested in doing this. It is a wonderful thing to donate funds to charity. I just hope that Spring Breakers will be doing this instead of the things they usually do when they come to PCB for their break! lol lol


  1. PCB Citizen and Cathy,

    Thank you both for reading this article. I had no idea that the image of wet sand with footprints was going to cause an issue, since the article is about giving Spring Breakers the opportunity to raise money for a charity- which I would have loved the opportunity to do when I came here for Spring Break in college.

    I promise in the future to make sure that all pictures of sand I use are very white in the future!


    1. I think the greater good is performed by students who choose an alternative spring break like Habitat for Humanity’s Collegiate Challenge , with students working to build homes for a week instead of trying to win money for their fraternity or sorority.


      1. They might raise money for their Greek Affiliation’s Philanthropy- yes. Or the winners might donate it to their colligate Relay for Life, Up till Dawn, who knows! Overall, it will be a very good thing for the college students, PCB, and the philanthropies or charities who benefit from the funding!

        Had they had this program when I was in college, I would have tried to split the money between my sororities Philanthropy and my college’s Relay for Life.


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