Top 10 States for Panama City Beach

As I was looking through some stats for our past guests for Panama City Beach Luxury Properties and visitation stats on, I found it fascinating the top interested states in our little beach town.  I always love looking at these types of stats, don’t you?

We talk to guests all the time that drive for literally12 hours or more to come to our beautiful beaches.  I know that with airfare prices the way they are, flying with several kids just isn’t always economical.

Top 10 states visiting Panama City Beach

In Panama City Beach, we see people come here from all over the world, but it should come as no surprise that the majority of the folks that come here are fed to us through close-proximity drive-to markets.  Over the last year (including last summer), here is a breakdown of where all our guests have come from.

1 Georgia 31%
2 Alabama 24%
3 Tennessee 13%
4 Florida 6%
5 Indiana 5%
6 Kentucky 4%
7 Texas 3%
8 Illinois 2%
9 Ohio 2%
10 Ontario 2%
Top 10 states reading about Panama City Beach

The interest in Panama City Beach delineated by geographical region always seems to fluctuate a bit.  The states that feed our traffic depends on the time of year, what’s happening down here, and where the TDC and other tourist entities are marketing.  States like New York and Wisconsin have been in the top 10, although, they aren’t today.

1  Florida 37.39%
2  Georgia 14.53%
3  Alabama 7.07%
4  Tennessee 4.61%
5  Texas 3.58%
6  Illinois 3.00%
7  Ohio 2.87%
8  Kentucky 2.40%
9  California 2.10%
10  Indiana 1.79%

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 States for Panama City Beach

  1. I would have thought Ky. would have been a little higher in percentages visiting PCB….. I knew Tennessee folks swarm Fla. for vacations. 🙂


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