We’re Looking for Aqua, Splash and Majestic Owners [RENTALS]

Our vacation rental business is growing leaps and bounds and we’re gearing up for summer!  We are looking to bring on some fantastic condos in a few fabulous resorts, specifically Aqua, Splash and Majestic Beach Resort.

There are a variety of reasons we love these resorts, including the fact they are all very nice, tend to rent extremely well and guests love to return to them year after year.

A little about who we are.

As you have come to know, one of our sister companies (my company to be specific 😉  ) is a short term vacation rental company.  We manage 30+ amazing rental condos on the beach in a variety of resort locations.  Our successful management program is unique in many ways and we’re looking to expand.  We offer complete and full service management, handling everything from rentals, maintenance, upkeep and cleaning.

There are a lot of things that set us apart from our competition, but a few of the major differences between us and many other management companies are:

  • We charge a low, flat rate management fee of $397 per month, regardless of size and revenue
  • Our marketing is second to none, innovative and always on the cutting edge

You can read more about who we are and why our marketing is awesome on our Owner’s page.

What about our marketing that’s so awesome.

You’ve heard the success stories of property owners managing their condos themselves.  They list it on VRBO, give their property tons of TLC, follow up rigorously with their rental leads and they book their condo extremely well.

As you may (or may not) know, this is all a ton of work and it’s something for which we have an extremely good system and work that system full time.  The reason why our program is so successful is that we combine all the great things of managing a property individually with the scalability of a great system found in larger companies. The result is more bookings, higher revenue, better care for your property and less costs.

Each of our properties are marketed individually.  This is done several ways and ensures that the condo that you’ve worked so hard to make awesome is rewarded for that hard work.

Each property on our vacation rental program gets: 

  • Their own page on our website
  • An HD video tour
  • High resolution photos
  • An exclusive email database (created from inquiries)
  • VRBO listing (paid for by owner)
  • Album on our Facebook page

This individual attention creates a ton of work when bringing on new properties but translates to higher bookings and, of course, higher revenue than you’ve seen before.  In most cases, we command a higher price than the competition because we pack so much value into a guest’s stay!

Plus we own PCBDaily and use it to leverage all sorts of opportunities for our guests.

Why We’re looking to expand in Aqua, Splash and Majestic.

We work hard to look for properties in great destinations.  Each of these three resorts have characteristics that lend perfectly to performing well for vacation rentals.

When it comes to sophisticated luxury, Aqua is second to none in Panama City Beach.  When you walk in, you’re greeted with a refined style that just isn’t found anywhere else.  The surfaces, colors, accents and modern amenities make this resort an attractive, complete package.

Splash Resort is extremely well-known for being family-friendly and a blast for kids of all ages. The large-resort feel, tons of water play areas and quiet location in Panama City Beach make it perfect for families to vacation and property owners to enjoy fantastic rental performance.

Majestic Beach Resort is just huge.  The amenity list seems to go on forever, and guests that stay at Majestic talk about it for weeks when they get home.  Majestic is one of those resorts guests ask for year after year and condos in this resort perform well for owners, their management companies and the companies that service them.

Why we are a great fit for you.

The flat-rate fee does a couple of wonderful things for us and our owner-clients.

  1. It saves our owner clients money almost 100% of the time
  2. It gives us a projectable business model that works year round (you know we aren’t going anywhere)

And don’t worry about it not giving us the motivation to book your condo.  If we don’t book you’re condo, you’re not going to be happy, then you’ll leave us.  Unhappy owner-clients make an unhappy Jason. 😦

Our goal is to book 100% during peak season times.  And so far, we’ve almost always achieved that.  Now that’s cause for a smiley face. 🙂

How to find out more information.

So we’ve piqued your interest.  Great.  For more information, hop on over to our rentals website, or give us a shout at 850-238-6250.

19 thoughts on “We’re Looking for Aqua, Splash and Majestic Owners [RENTALS]

  1. Jason –

    Shoot me some info. Our unit is managed by by a large company. Our short term fee is 30% and we book the vast majority through our VRBO site or HomeAway. Any interest?



    1. Rob I bet your percentage is much higher than 30%. Our unit was managed by a “large company” and our gross versus net was more like a 42% take by the company. Starting with the initial rental fee we had $19.00 a day taken away as an “Amenity Charge”, another charge for the credit card, then the 30%. Housekeeping by this “large company” was a joke, done by H2B Visa temp workers with virtually no supervision. We are now doing it ourselves.
      As Jason says it is time consuming and not as easy as it seems on the surface as there is something to be done all the time. If I was not retired Jason would be my choice hands down.


      1. Gregg, thanks a ton for the kind words. Managing property, as you know, is a lot of work. If you end up needing/wanting help with yours, let me know. Otherwise, let me know if I can ever help you in any way (last minute deal offers, occupancy gap fills, etc.).


  2. Jason provides top-notch service to both his clients and his renters. I wouldn’t rent anywhere else other than PCBLP.com!

    Thanks for all your help Jason and I look forward to returning to PCB and renting with PCBLP this summer!


    1. Hey Jamie!

      Currently we have one 3/2 at Calypso. We’d like to bring on more, we’ve just not heavily marketed to that resort because so many other management companies seem to be after management there.

      Our 3/2 is poised to do very well there. What do you own in Calypso?


  3. What incentive do you have to book our Splash condo extremely well? You collect your fee. Would you offer a discount on your monthly fee if you do not achieve a certain gross revenue.


    1. Dan the incentive would be, if the owner was not satisfied with the service, they would go someplace else.
      There are many things that affect the bookings, rent charged, the floor, the furnishings, amenities, of course the economy etc. To judge bookings one must look at similar units on similar floors to compare.


  4. Dan, you have a very good point, but Gregg is right. We run a service-based business and if our clients aren’t happy, they’ll leave. We have no less obligation to book your condo than any other company. And of course, we are growing because what we are doing is working well for our clients. Are there any other questions I can answer?


  5. Yes if someone is not happy they can always find another management company and in PCB most are terrible. But in my opinion there is even less incentive to pay a fixed rate verse a commission based on sales. More sales more commissions. A better approach is to guarantee a certain revenue. Failure to hit the guarantee revenue or profit has the company give a reduction in the monthly rate or the other way around. A truly innovative company would take this approach and more companies are taking this route in the business world.


    1. Dan, JMO but gross revenue is not a relevant way of looking at the success or failure of a rental program. For example in 2011 we were represented by an extremely large management company, this year we are doing it ourselves. If we did not make another booking, while our gross would be down 39%, our net is actually up 9.4%. Most all management companies in PCB use the practice as you suggest, commission based. The downside to this is the pressure to discount in order to make as many bookings as you can as well as close one eye in screening guests in order to make the booking. A percent of “something” is better than no percentage at all.
      As far as property management companies actually more are taking Jason’s approach, not in the PCB area but in Gulf Shores this is becoming very common. It appeals to me because on a fixed fee I feel comfortable that the primary focus would be to take care of me any my condo not to turn a buck at the owner’s expense.


  6. Gotcha, Dan.

    While I’m confident we would do a fantastic job for you, including increasing revenue and occupancy, lowering costs and taking great care of your property, it doesn’t sound like we’d be a good fit for you.

    We could certainly explore your approach if business was suffering because of our existing program, but it isn’t. We manage 30+ properties with an extremely happy owner base. We are growing quickly and everyone seems to be doing well.

    I really appreciate your comments, Dan.

    What floor is your condo? Size? And do you manage it yourself?


    1. Do you have any rentals @ edgewater beach resort. We have a prime spot with a great view of the ocean and overlooking the 11,800 square ft pool?


      1. Hey Vicki!

        I had sent you an email.

        We have a couple properties in Edgewater and are possibly bringing on a 4 bedroom penthouse in the next couple months in Tower I.

        Were you still interested?


  7. Me and my wife are looking at possibly renting something over the winter. We will need a place to stay for about July to February, and signing another 12 month lease for that time just isn’t feasible.

    I’m pretty handy, so if anyone out there has one of those “fix our place up some and we will let you stay cheap” type deals, I would be all over that. Other then that i can just say that we are clean, pay on time, Christian, local renters. We also understand that labor day weekend is a big draw, so we could stay with friends while you rent that weekend for more $$$.

    Really looking for a cheap deal, because we are trying to save to buy a house. Our current rent is $800 a month so anything under that would be fine. I know that’s obviously low for the beach, but having renters that you know will pay on time and not cause issues has to be worth something 🙂

    If you’re open to working something out with us, email me at ratenxs (at) gmail {dot} com.


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