I Think I’m in Love – With a Hot Dog

If you’ve driven down Thomas Drive the last few weeks, chances are you’ve noticed the Tom’s Hot Dogs sign just before the Dive Locker.  I’m sure you’ve been wondering the same as me: “is this the real deal, or just one of those chinese knock-offs?”

It’s the real deal, folks.  And it’s as delicious as ever.

What makes Tom’s special

Tom’s Hot Dogs is native to downtown Panama City.  Their home has been there for more then 15 years.  Tom’s is a local favorite but also a legend that even tourists are no stranger to.  Rated on Tripadvisor as #5 of 96 restaurants in Panama City, they also have a 93% recommend rate and pages of good reviews.  They do hot dogs, and they do ’em good.

The original owner of Tom’s sold to Pam a few years back, but the legend has continued without a hitch.

When asked what makes their dogs so dang delicious, Daric, one of the owners of the Thomas Drive Tom’s replied, “It’s the flat-grill.  Most people boil their dogs, but the flat-grill makes them just the right texture.  If you’ve been to Brooklyn, you’ve had a dirty water dog.”

They steam their buns too.  I’ve never had a hard bun.

The story behind the ‘beach’ Tom’s

A Tom’s on the beach had been something the owner of the original Tom’s had wanted for a while, but the logistics of the addition was something that kept getting in the way.  Who would manage it? Would she have to split her time between two places? Would the original location suffer because of it?

This past off-season, Daric and Pam were having lunch when they realized their opportunity to work together.  How their relationship was defined, at first, wasn’t clear, but they came to an agreement to a franchise of the original to be opened on the beach, owned by Daric and his business partner James.

August 10th, they opened.  And in their first 23 days, Daric was proud to report they were doing approximately 150% better then their projections – just amazing.

The only difference is the fries

That’s it.  The only difference between the original Tom’s and the Tom’s on the beach is the fries.  Specifically, the original Tom’s doesn’t sell them.

Every single item on the menu at the original Tom’s is on the menu at the beach Tom’s.  The Slaw Dog is the same.  The Downtown Dog, the same.  The Special Dog, Chili Dog, the Chili Cheese Slaw Dog – all the same. The slaw you know and love is exactly the same, the chili, the same.  In fact, many of the ingredients (e.g. chili) are still made in town and brought out to the beach daily.

I had a Slaw Dog at the downtown location Thursday, then one on Friday at the Beach location, and they were both identical – and amazing.

Well, there’s one other difference.  The times they are open.  The Beach Tom’s is open from 10 am to 10 pm, daily.  Although they said they’d probably begin shutting down a bit earlier since traffic drops off considerably at 9 pm.


Tom’s is located on the very north part of Thomas Drive, right next to The Dive Locker.

Here is a map link.

Bunco Event at Boatyard to Benefit Rehab

Girls to the Rescue, a group of local ladies who want to support recovery, have put together a Bunco tournament for this Sunday at the Boatyard Restaurant.

All proceeds raised by this event will go towards Bridging The Gap Recovery treatment center.

Bridging The Gap is a new Drug and Alcohol treatment facility in Panama City Beach.

In a world that usually glamorizes the eccentric escapades of celebrity dependency (think Charlie Sheen, Lindsey Lohan, Melanie Griffith and countless more) the reality of addiction is that it can happen to anyone. The rich and famous, the head-honcho of a major corporation, or the little old lady living next door.

Some addictions creep in quietly, while others bowl you over from the first moment the drug or alcohol hits your system. Regardless of how or when addiction hits, the end result is always the same. You feel alone, scared and unable to pull yourself out of the darkness.

Thankfully, there are places like Bridging The Gap Recovery (BTG) center that provide an environment capable of  assisting those with dependency issues,  on their road to recovery.

BTG is located in Panama City Beach, and is the first center in Bay County to focus entirely on treating Drug and Alcohol dependency. The combination treatment blends therapy, 12-step programs and counseling, as well as working to establish the life coping skills necessary for long-term recovery.

The Rehab has been receiving a warm welcome by the community, and support of the new treatment center has been extensive.  Leading the way, is a local group of women dubbed Girls To The Rescue. The group is a strong advocate of recovery, and are showing their support by organizing a Bunco tournament for this Sunday (March 13) at the Boatyard Restaurant.

All funds raised by the event, will go towards scholarships for those in need of treatment but unable to afford it. As of this moment, there are over 70 tickets sold and numerous local businesses are showing their support by way of table sponsorships, donations and gifts. The event starts around 4pm, with Game Play at 5pm.

Advance tickets available at Sharp Carpet Lighting, etc. Advance tickets are $15, or $20 at the door and for non-players, tickets run about $10.

DRT’s Valentine’s Giveaway

If you are looking to do a little romancing this Valentine’s day,  Disaster Response Team, a.k.a, DRT is  giving away a free Valentine’s dinner and movie ticket to one lucky winner and a date and entering the contest is super easy.

Just go to the DRT Facebook page, http://facebook.com/drt911 and post your ideal valentine’s date. Is it a walk on the beach, or a hot air balloon ride…or maybe just hanging out with your significant other? Whatever it may be, post it and you could win. It’s that easy.

The winner will be picked randomly and announced on Feb. 9th via email and on facebook.

Secrets of PCB – Salty Sue’s

Welcome to our Secrets of Panama City Beach series, showing you things about the beach, you’ve never dreamed of.

January is in the process of packing up it’s toys and that sneaky spring break season is peeking around the corner.

It’s still a bit chilly, but with a collective yawn, the whole town seems to be stirring from it’s sleepy winter mode and we are HUNGRY.

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7 New Year's Alternatives to Pier Park

At PCBdaily.com, we realize that the Panama City Beach community is one riddled with diversity.  And keeping that in mind, we wanted to offer options to those out there who want to celebrate New Year’s Eve – but may not be feeling the crowds at Pier Park.

Let’s raise those noise makers to variety and tip our party hats to these alternative New Year’s Options!

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Weekend Events – Unique Christmas Shopping, Festival of Trees, Books, Arts, Parades and more!

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Looks like Panama City Beach is a fantastic place to kick off your holiday season! We’ve got a lot of unique gift shopping opportunities this weekend, a chance to run off some of that dressing from last week, “A Christmas Carol” as well as the inaugural Grand Lagoon Boat Parade! You don’t want to miss this – get all of your Christmas shopping done, relax, AND have a blast- all at the same time!
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