Despite Nasty Weather, AVP Show Must Go On

With wind gusts of up to 30 mph and heavy downpoor expected all day, the volleyball pros still plan to play, even though there won’t be many there to watch.  I was told by someone that the last event they had attended 18 out of the 25 games they watched were in bad weather.

They play, rain or shine.  I was told the qualifiers went well yesterday; the players got wet, and had to fight the wind, but they played.  Coming from one direction, the players barely had to tap the ball to serve it over the net, but from the other way, hitting it as hard as they could, the ball sometimes wouldn’t even make it.  I guess the advantage of wearing bikinis and boardshorts while you play your pro sport is that getting wet just doesn’t matter.

I was up on the roof of Seahaven, Origin, and felt like my Blackberry was going to be blown out of my hand; my jeans were flapping in the wind, and I don’t wear baggy jeans.  My hair was even blowing, and I keep it too short for it to move.

On the ground, flags were flapping in the wind, near the brink of ripping.  I overheard one worker screaming “that’s all you got!”, then it started raining – hard.  Luckily I was under the covered area of Sharkys.  Cameras and rain don’t mix.

Play was postponed until 10 am when I was there.  Not sure if they are playing right now (its 1020).  It isn’t raining right now, but it is very windy still.  Tomorrow, however, is supposed to be nice.  We’ll see.

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