Volleyball Chick Faints, PCB Goes Viral

Wednesday morning, Nikki Allen, Director of Operations for the University of Southern California’s women’s volleyball program was interviewed on WMBB by Wayne Gentry and went down in YouTube fame.  As she was being interviewed by Wayne Gentry, she fainted on live tv.  WMBB was kind enough to upload it to YouTube and now, three days later the video has over 260,000 views.

Apparently Nikki flew in from California that morning, which must have been very early as the time on screen during the interview was 6:20.  I also read that this was her first time on TV and she was very nervous.  Whatever the case, I’ve been told that she’s ok now.

The faint happened behind Sharky’s Beach Club on Panama City Beach and was accompanied by Dan Rowe.  By the way, does anyone know what the question was that Dan answered Tanzania?

7 thoughts on “Volleyball Chick Faints, PCB Goes Viral

  1. I caught the clip via the Associated Press’s “Video from the Web” link on a business website from New Orleans. It was lumped-in with a bunch of other “news” clips.

    Posting it to the web was really in poor taste by the folks at WMBB. (assuming they were the ones that did the actual posting) Live TV presents many unknowns, but when stuff like this happens in a small market, it usually doesn’t go very far unless helped along by the station from where it originated. I know WMBB’s ratings are awful, but they should have exercised some sensitivity and class by not replaying the incident.

    That poor girl will probably shun the cameras for the rest of her life!


  2. Oh my the poor thing! I can just imagine how she felt. The guys were so calm and collected about the whole thing. I guess Gentry has seen this happen many times before.


  3. Calm and collected? Did you see that guy who stood their for like a minute with his hands in his pockets! He is the one who should be embarrassed! Kudos to Gentry for doing something OTHER than keep his hands in his pockets!


  4. Yeah…Dan Rowe from the TDC…I mean at least try to catch her. He stood there forever until Wayne Gentry got down there. I mean hello….What a way to get people to come to PCB…show em we care! haha. Poor girl. Oh and James, yeah it was put on WMBB’s website. They put a article up talking about how they had gotten phone calls asking if the girl was okay so they posted the video to go along with the story! haha


  5. Dan’s taking a bit of a beating on this one… but I bet there aren’t many of us who would react naturally when something happens on live TV. He was just in some state of shock/surprise, plus, Wayne handled it! Dan didn’t need to jump in and be Superman.

    I wrote Dan and suggested that this would be a good time to make a “response” video, showing him and Nikki working on how to catch someone when they faint. It could poke a little fun at themselves, and promote PCB in the process. But I didn’t hear back from him, and I’m sure Nikki’s long gone. Oh well.


  6. It happens. I was at a bfast meeting and a woman guest speaker fainted. No food and nervousness seem to be big players in this type of situation.


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