Wonderworks Coming to Panama City Beach


“Let your imagination run wild, that’s the wonder of Wonderworks,” or so goes the tune on the Wonderworks web site.  Wonderworks, essentially a huge place to play seems to be coming to Panama City Beach.  I use the word “seems” because I still have yet to be able to get in contact with someone that has any solid information on this.  Perhaps this is where an “investigative reporter” would come in. Currently there is a location in Pigeon Forge, TN and Orlando, FL.

So far, I’ve found full building plans (thanks Aaron!), information for bidders of the project and heard from a dozen or so people that it will be located next to Walgreens at the intersection of Front Beach and Middle Beach Road.

According to some of the information I’ve found, the building will be a 4 story 36,000 square foot space filled with entertainment including exhibits, small rides, video games and more.

As quoted from the Pigeon Forge, TV location’s web site:

When you enter the building, everything will be upside down, so in order to participate in the fun, you must be inverted. Once you’re properly aligned for your adventure, Family Fun awaits with more than 120 interactive, hands-on exhibits. As the Building hurtled skyward it encountered what can only be described as a time portal.

The building from the outside looks as though it has been planted in the ground upside down, apparently the one here will look the same, according to the elevation that I’ve seen.  The site next to Walgreens is cleared and ready for development.  I’ve heard that the Walsinghams (they own Ripley’s) are the ones behind Wonderworks here, which would make sense as it is the same basic concept as their Ripley’s museum.  Of course, it helps that he owns the property also, all .68 acres of it.

In quoting Ignacio, the Luchador: So anywayz – I’ll keep you updated as I find more info, in my strretchy paunts.

13 thoughts on “Wonderworks Coming to Panama City Beach

  1. I have a photo of the Wonderworks in Pigeon Forge, we were there for winter break in February but did not go in only stopped to take a pic. It looks quite interesting, I’ll send it to you Jason.


  2. Thats great…something for families at least. I only worry about it costing like….$50.00 per person; I hope they have really low rates for locals so that our kids can actually go on a regular basis


  3. This has been in the works for two years!! I wouldn’t hold your breath for it any time soon!
    I love WonderWorks! I Live in TN. but family in Fl.
    I hope for everyone’s sake that the prices are better in Fl. they are out of this world up here!




  5. It’s definately coming to Panama City Beach, the building is under construction and the sign is out front


  6. Just past the construction site and there is a sign out front saying coming soon. The building appears to be upside down and slanted.


  7. Just drove by today and not open yet. Looks pretty much done though, they were painting the “wonderworks” letters on the front of the building.


    1. I heard its OPEN today! Cant find a phone number or how much the cost is. I looked at OTHER wonderworks admission prices. seems to be around $25 a person.


  8. We just got back from PCB WonderWorks! It was GREAT!!!! The boys loved it and couldn’t get enough they were there over 2 hours and still didn’t do it all and didn’t want to leave. Highly recommend this attraction.


  9. I was very disappointed!! I have experienced the wonder works located in gatlinburg tn and it was incredible! we spent over 5 hours there and was still unable to do everything. It took an hour to go through the one located in PCB Fl. Half of the exhibits were broke.. and it was missing a majority of the exhibits that the Tennessee one had.. It was also not organized and the atmostphere was poor. The layout was not very good and it was not anywhere close to being as nice as the other one. It looked as though half of it was missing. I hope that they can bring it up to standard because I would be embarrassed to have my name on this place. The wonderworks in Tennessee is amazing.. so much fun for kids and adults… dont spend your money on the one in PCB.. Overall it sucks, and we asked for our money back.


  10. I took my kids here while we were on vacation and it was terrible compared to the other one we have been to.. it was poor quality and not worth the money after you have been to the other ones.. such a waste of money. they wont be in business long..


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