PCB City Pier Update – Boardwalk a comin'!

 Most of the new City Pier on Panama city beach is up and running. But I’ve been noticing as I’ve wandered about Pier Park that there is some construction happening at the foot of the City Pier. So today the weather was a bit warmer I took a stroll just to see what was going on. What follows are some of the photos I took.

Progress seems like it is moving along at a pretty good clip. This is going to be the new boardwalk that will have a restaurant, restrooms, a tackle shop and a ticket counter to access the pier. We’ll get back and get you some more photos as the project progresses. The planned finish date is May 1st barring any hiccups. Vacationers will be able to enjoy the new facility by Memorial Day.

6 thoughts on “PCB City Pier Update – Boardwalk a comin'!

  1. We visited the new pier a few weeks ago. Most people only walked as far as the ticket gate and no further. I think $2.00 per person is kind of steep to go to the full lenght of the pier. For a family of 4 it’s $8.00. Down in Pompano Beach the fee is only $1.00 per person. Maybe PCB should consider this…less money per person but make it up in volume. Another alternative is a “season pass” for locals with unlimited visits for a yearly fee.


  2. Just as a note on the fees charged at the new pier, please keep in mind:
    That many of the major tax payers in PCB own property and live elsewhere but cannot be considered local. In fact most of us pay more taxes than many locals.
    Our visitors already pay a hefty tax of at least 11.5% on their lodging while they are here.
    Everyone that visits PCB contributes to the area through sales tax.
    A good portion of the pier was paid for by federal matching funds so in fact if you paid federal income taxes, you contributed.
    The fees being charged go toward the upkeep, cleaning, and security of the pier, I’m sure everyone will agree that these are required items.
    Personally as a tax payer I am happy to pay what I consider a very reasonable use fee for our pier, I am just happy to have it back. It does not seem to bother most people as during the season it looks like it gets far more visitors than the other one did. Just as a note, they do offer annual passes even though some might think the fee is too steep.
    I will be glad when the new County pier will be completed, it is much closer to our condo. The old County pier was used by only a very few due to its length, anything will be an improvement over the old one.


  3. I agree with ‘Gregg’ – oughta be a “Use” fee – But, what’s wrong with a ‘DOLLAR/capita’. I own in Calypso Towers & Rent, don’t know as my guests will pay too much to walk a pier. On the VIEW – I take it the last picture shown, is of “Bldg FACID”, not sand & beach – oughta been some “zoning ‘Height Limit'” on the buildings in the front.


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