Weekend Weather – Clear Skies and Beaches

The fall is officially here.  Last weekend was amazing, and this weekend promises to be much the same.  It’ll be a great chance to get out, enjoy the still warm weather, go to the beach and remind yourself why you love Panama City Beach.  The Autumnal Equinox has brought us a tiny decrease in humidity, so if you thought last weekend was beyond compare – this weekend may just be the one. . .

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Weekend Events – 5K, Sportfishing, $1 Zoo trips, Fireworks, Compassionate Chefs

Another perfect opportunity to spend time on Panama City Beach! It’s the first weeeknd of Fall, feels great, and there is so much to do, for any and all ages. Last weekend we had some great events that started with Liza’s winemaker dinner, celebrated on the beach for Lobster Fest and finished off the weekend with Neil Young.  This weekend we have some really great things happening on Panama City Beach including a great Sport fishing tournament, amazing deals at the Zoo and Fireworks off of Grand Lagoon.  Check after the break for the full run down.

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How has the BP Oil Spill Affected Your Business

In what was supposed to be the best summer Panama City Beach has ever seen, tourism numbers were crushed in light of a dark, oily threat that loomed in the Gulf of Mexico, courtesy of British Petroleum.  BP operated the Deepwater Horizon oil platform that dynamically floated approximately 250 miles southeast of Houston, it blew up on April 20, 2010, causing what is being labeled as many as the greatest oil spill in the history of the United States.  From an ecological perspective, Louisiana was devastated.  Ecologically, Panama City Beach was fine, but economically and perceptually, we were devastated as well.

Over the next 12 weeks, we’re going to dig deep and talk about the myriad ways area businesses were affected, directly and indirectly, and discuss some of the ways they made it through, despite the troubling circumstances.  The goal is absolutely not to be a negative spin, but rather just a presentation of the facts and how real people were affected by something that really never even happened here.

Was your business affected?  We would like to talk to you and let you tell you story to our tens of thousands of readers, pictures and links to your website included. 😉

Please share your story by using the form below.

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Weekend Weather Update for 9/16

Every week we’ll feature the weekend weather update for you local beach-goers and you out-of-town beach dwellers that come down here for some weekend sun.  Keep an eye right here in the future to see if your weekend will have sun, fun or a rain cloud or two!

What to expect, wear and do this weekend.

This one’s easy – FUN in the SUN!  The southeast is dominated by a big beautiful high pressure system settled right over Georgia. That is keeping all the rain OUT and the clear, blue skies in.

The only effect we’re seeing from those mid-Atlantic disturbances ( Igor, Julia, and Karl) is a little dampness, and a few clouds being pulled down by winds from the east. That kicks up a little wave action for the surfers.  None of the storms are expected to come anywhere near Panama City Beach.

Ladies, pack light tees, tanks, capris, a sundress; always bring a cute sweater – you’ll have lots of chances this weekend to be out on the beach and the beach decks at night this weekend. Guys, bring “nice” shorts and a polo and tees, and it’s a perfect weekend to swim and sun, so remember trunks for the guys, and a two piece swim suit for the girls.

Everyone wear or pack HATS- there will be lots of sun and lots to see and do outdoors, so make sure you have hats and sunscreen.

Read on for a day by day forecast.

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Weekend Events for September 16, 2010

Each week we have some of the greatest events in Panama City Beach listed right here.  This is a new series that will be published on Thursday morning each week telling you all the fun things that will be happening over the weekend.

Liza’s Winemaker Dinner

Come on down and enjoy a sunny, delicious weekend on the World’s Most Beautiful Beach! Start the party early at Liza’s Kitchen on Thomas Drive with a Winemaker Dinner. At 6:00 p. m.  award-winning sommelier Daniel Gehrs will present the wine, followed by five courses.  $62 per person includes food, wine, tax and gratuity! Call 850-233-9000

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Panama City Beach Library Official Grand Opening Celebration

This coming Saturday, September 18th 2010, the new Panama City Beach library will hold an official grand opening ceremony complete with all sorts of wonderful workshops and presentations. Panama City Beach Mayor Gayle Oberst will cut the ribbon at 9:45 a.m, with tours of the library immediately following. Here’s the full schedule. Continue reading “Panama City Beach Library Official Grand Opening Celebration”

Oil Boom Pass Project Removal Starts Wednesday

As reported from the Bay County Public Information Office:

Crews will begin removing the boom in the St. Andrew Pass on Wednesday morning, after state Department of Environmental Protection Agency officials determined the state would fund the effort.

“The chance of any surface oil making it here is almost zero,” Bay County Emergency Services Chief Mark Bowen said, highlighting that the purpose of the boom was always to fend off surface oil threatening the bay — it would have been ineffective against subsurface oil or tarballs. “Surface oil arriving here would be unthinkable at this point. The imposition of the pass project to shipping traffic and recreational boaters far outweighs the minimal risk of any surface oil.”

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