TDC/CVB Meeting: Spring Break, Thunder Beach, Next Year's Schedule

TDC/CVB will be meeting, Tuesday December 14, 2010 at 9:00 a.m. and will be discussing some pretty polarizing topics. Mr. Shannon Posavad, with Collegiate Marketing Group LLC, will be discussing Spring Break efforts for the upcoming season. Mr Rich Law, from Thunder Beach Productions, will talking, you guessed it, Thunder Beach. You don’t want to miss this one.

Click here to download the full agenda.

8 thoughts on “TDC/CVB Meeting: Spring Break, Thunder Beach, Next Year's Schedule

  1. Spring Break’s Drugfest will go a long way in improving PCB family image! The head shops, porn joints and other fine family establishments will support the new PCB upscale image. Don’t support the new multi million dollar condos or Pier Park; stay with old trash. Maybe the Board members should expose their daughters or granddaughters to the family friendly drug use, public intoxication arrests, crime, noise, property destruction, sexual assaults & other recurring Spring Break Events! Get rid of college Spring Break like Ft. Lauderdale & move forward!
    Your thoughts?


    1. I live right on Thomas Dr. Spring Break is a great economic spurt for our town, those who continually beat it up are the ones not for progres. Do you know how many people moved here or bought condo’s here because they came here on spring break and loved it as kids!!!!!! You cant compare us to lauderdale. they were always an upscale town. We are the RED NECK RIVERIA…Our county leaders vote against progress all the time. We should of had a minor league team here now. a Gulf front stadium and shopping complex…before we chase all our revenues away lets use there funds to build progress!!!!!!! or would you rather all our business go under because we are only busy for June July and half of August????


  2. Well said Mac!

    There has to be consistency and unilateral implementation of PCB’s “brand”. In particular — that we are a year-round, family-friendly beach destination. People will still associate ALL the negative things mentioned in Mac’s post until PCB says “NO MORE!” and stays consistent in what it supports. You can’t be all things to all people all the time.


  3. You said it beautifully, James D. “Consistency and unilateral implementation of PCB’s “brand…..” I am not sure the development council has an idea of what it wants its “brand” to be. Maybe they should REALLY think about it……REALLY THINK ABOUT IT, and then find the CHOPS to implement it. It’s easy to be popular by doing what the masses prefer, but we didn’t vote the city planners in to be popular. We voted them in to do what is best for the city despite the difficulties that exist, and that, unfortunately takes some CHOPS to do so. They might be liked for doing what is popular, but being respected for doing what is right long term for the city is a more admirable goal. And, they might even save a few lives by doing so. Seems every year, we have at least one teen who dies during the Spring Break celebration in PCB. It gets out of hand, and there are just not enough people to police the activities of the teens. Is making money really worth more than a life? C’mon, city planners………we all know you already know the answer to this one.


  4. Like many of us who supported Spring Break tourism and made good money with it for years, we need to move on. But, you ask, what do we replace it with? Eco tourism is a niche that remains wide open to us. Here is the delimma: After the typical family tourist type spends a few days on the beach, eats at Captain Andersons, goes off shore to fish and maybe scuba, there’s not much left to do. It seems that exercise has become a long walk through Pier Park! I personally spent time with Jim Fowler several weeks ago to learn that his wildlife park, originally slated to be built in Holmes County, could easily be brought to Bay County. I encourage those of you who support such an idea to contact me here at Bear Creek Feline Center. Visit us online at for contact information. This is a possible dream that could be built on just 200 acres off the beaten path!


  5. I think we should have Bike Weekend once a month! Bikers are a great demographic, as they are mostly lawyers and doctors or business owners that make $100k a year and they ride expensive bikes. They spend lots of money and are all wealthy.


  6. what people like joel don’t seem to understand…until we clean up the “trash” of spring break, we will NEVER compare to other coastal towns like naples, sarasota, boca raton, hilton head, etc. a full onslot of good businesses won’t make the investment here unless they are confident that a majority of locals (and tdc/cvb, etc.) will take a stand AGAINST public drunkeness and FOR respectable leisure activities. businesses that come here only to live off spring breakers aren’t the businesses for respectable (family) growth, right?
    as for spring break kids coming back here to buy…that is such a tiny number compared to the alternative: kids coming with their parents, family members, freinds of family, people in wedding parties and family reunions…imagine the great word of mouth and pictures from these compared to “you wouldn’t beleive how drunk i got…”


  7. Bikers are all wealthy??? Wow what kind a high are you on. I guess you believe all bike gangs are a charitable organization too. Get real.


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