Dick’s Last Resort, Rum Runners and More Come to Pier Park

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Grab your shopping bags and bring your appetite because Pier Park is adding some new shops and restaurants.  It’s no secret how popular of a destination Pier Park is, and with over 110 shops, restaurants and entertainment venues, it’s certainly not surprising either.

There are a couple new additions that either just opened, or about to open, and a number of new retailers that will open in the next few months.

Two new restaurants.

Dick’s Last Resort will bring a new dining experience to Panama City Beach, unlike any other.  The restaurant features outrageous, surly and energetic wait staff, tasty comfort food and live entertainment.  The restaurant opened Monday in the former Guy Harvey’s Island Grill space.

Just in time for Spring Break, Rum Runners will open in March in the “E” Shops just south of the Grand Theatre (in place of where Guglielmo’s was).  The restaurant will offer a casual dining atmosphere and full-service bar featuring a mix of live entertainment including dueling piano shows and interactive customer participation in a tropical Caribbean-style setting.

Both will add a fitting flair for vacationers in our warm, tropical weather.

Other new additions for 2012.

French Charmed recently opened at Pier Park and offers its shoppers French country décor and European-inspired goods.  Many of the collections are unique and expertly hand crafted.  The boutique is located on the Boardwalk between Polk a Dots Toys & Gifts and Latitude 29.

Also opening in February will be Francesca’s Collections which specializes in gifts, apparel, home accessories and jewelry that reflect fashionable styles from all over the world.  The new store will be located next to Bath & Body Works in the Town Center.

Joining the Florida panhandle as the first in the market, Charming Charlie will offer a unique fashion accessory boutique designed to help women of all ages complete their outfits, regardless of the occasion or mood.  The accessory store will be located in the Town Center.

Pepper Palace will open its doors in March.  Offering a variety of spicy food products from an assortment of hot sauces to habanero corn bread mix, this hot spot will be a favorite for fiery foodies.  The new store will be located on the Boardwalk’s west side between Accessories on the Boardwalk and Gamestop.

Celebrated by many style conscious and trend savvy shoppers, Forever 21 will boast more than 23,205-square-feet of space, occupying the former Border’s location.  This new store will offer a variety of apparel, shoes and accessories aimed at customers of all ages.

More about Pier Park.

Just in case you’ve been under a rock for the last 4 years, Pier Park is one of the single best things that has happened to Panama City Beach.  With the development of Pier Park came the creation of a retail destination that has provided a place for people to not only shop, but hang out, recreate.

With over 110 shops and restaurant, there is 1.1 million square feet of retail shopping space and an aesthetic design that’s conducive for family fun.

The bottom of their most recent press release reads:

The multi-dimensional property also hosts numerous free community events throughout the year. Large-scale signature events include the New Year’s Eve Beach Ball Drop and the Star Spangled-Spectacular July 4 concert and fireworks show.  Pier Park will keep the spirit alive this year with a Mardi Gras festival.  The colorful event will be held on February 17 and 18 and will include a Second Line Parade Friday evening the 17th and a Children’s Parade at 1:00pm with the big parade shortly after.  The Bourbon Street Village will open Friday at noon and there will be a car show as well.

9 thoughts on “Dick’s Last Resort, Rum Runners and More Come to Pier Park

  1. Ive been saying forever that Pier Park needs a Howl at the Moon or a RumRunners. They need more bars and nightlife for the locals. Now if they could run off Reggae Js and offer McGuires a offer they cant refuse. Pier Park needs a restaurant with good food that makes good money by having alot of customers instead of a theme restaurant with overpriced bad food. McGuires would be a massive hit in Pier park.


    1. I have always like McGuires myself. I bet you are like the rest of us locals and are just darn glad that we have a Pier Park. It sure has put us on the map and I notice more and more people are here all year round. I have not eaten at Dick’s yet but I am more of a small quaint place myself with good food. My daughter went the other night and had a pretty good time as my daughter in law works there. Keep on reading our pcbdaily Jamie!!!!!


      1. Ive been reading and posting for years Karen, I went by jamnolfin. I pass you all the time in your blue jeep. That jeep is so you, it just screams Karen. I can spot you a mile off


    2. I agree on McGuires! We go there all the time! Every time I am in Destin I tell the manager they need a local in PCB! They have great specials and live music! The menu is amazing and the food great! I talked about a piano bar in Pier Park forever too! We need more places for entertainment, other than everyone trying to smash into Tootsies! I love it there too, however there just needs to be a bigger variety of late night entertainment! So happy we have Pier Park! Can’t wait for the fresh Market across the street either!


  2. Oh my goodness!!!! I love Francesca’s Collections !!!! Oh no just what I need another store that I like. Please do not tell Bridgett!!! She will hide my cards and my money. How exciting that we keep getting great stuff at Pier Park.


  3. All the new additions sound great! Can’t wait to try them………..
    I also can’t wait to see what the reviews will say about Dick’s Last Resort as some will like it and some not. I can remember back when the announcement was made about Dick’s coming to Pier Park……. many were mixed. Anyway, I can’t wait to try it…. hope the food is “good” and the insults are not tooo bad. I guess we all have to remember: It’s all in good fun! 🙂
    Can’t wait to shop either…… Love Pier Park!


  4. I went by Dicks last night around 9pm and there was a good crowd. Im assuming they have had a soft opening without announcing so they can get it together before the crowds show up. They look to be open for business. I didnt see anything at the RumRunner location, has anybody heard of a timeline for their opening?


  5. Went to dicks in Panama city and felt unwelcome from the start other than the bartender and one other bus boy they were all assholes. I got my of checked at the front door and a waiter told me to leave it out it would check again( in an asshole attitude)


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