Torrential Downpour in Panama City Beach

The last two weeks have been amazing with sunny days, blue skies and mid-80 degree weather. But the forecast today includes torrential rain and heavy wind.

Waking up to very tropical-like conditions, the rain was coming down in heavy sheets, with drops flying almost horizontal. There are high wind advisories with gusts over 30 mph and high surf advisories with 6’+ waves and rip currents.

Driving into work today, my van was bucked side to side from the wind and I could hear the rain beating at my side windows even as I was traveling at over 45 mph. At points I had to slow down to a near crawl because visibility was do limited.

Today’s a very rainy day at the beach but tomorrow the sun will be back and should stay with us through this Columbus Day weekend. So go see a movie, go shopping or go play in the rain.

Hurricane Isaac Photos

I know, I know.  I asked for them more than a week ago and am just now getting up the gallery.  I’m sorry.  But. . .

Hurricane Isaac came through here with nary a detriment, much more than some beach erosion and a thankful temperament.

We asked our readers to share with us some pictures, and here are some of the best of them!  Thanks to all that shared, feel free to take claim in the comments!

Weekend Weather – Perfect Weather This Weekend

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We’ve finally gotten a little rain.  And now that that’s over with, expect a cool, clear weekend with tons of sunshine.  This should be a lovely weekend for relaxing before next week’s holiday.  Bring swimsuits, cover-ups, and something nice so you can treat yourself to a long delicious dinner or two. You might want a jacket so you can gaze at our beautiful skies day AND night.  And don’t forget to check out some of this weekend’s events.

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Weekend Weather – Perfect for the Car Show

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This is more like it! We had some surprising low temps last weekend, but so the air is clear and clean now – and a little more seasonal.  The weather’s just right to see the parades, and the many other events here on Panama City Beach.

We have some fantastic events happening this weekend, so if you’re not down here, it’s not too late to come down!

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Weekend Weather – Cooler but Sunny Outside

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You almost had a chance to see how lovely our beaches look during a storm- an intensely different experience.   Guess you’ll have to check out some of the exciting holiday festivals for thrills instead, because it’s going to be another sunny, perfect weekend here on Panama City Beach. Bring a costume and a nice sweater; there will be enough to do that you can wear both. You might even want a cover up on the sand Friday morning.

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