New Airport Aerial Pictures and Update

Contract 1: Heavy Civil and Airfield Lighting
Approximately 80% of the contract work is complete with only 55.8% of the contract time used.

Underground utilities are being installed in the General Aviation area.
Fine grading along the runway is continuing.
Seeding is ongoing in the North section of the site.
Installation of the centerline lighting cans is approximately 75% complete.

Approximately 115 pieces of heavy equipment are in operation at any one time with approximately 160 personnel on site for the heavy civil (contract 1) and utilities (contract 3) contracts.

Contract 2: Terminal Building, ATCT and Support Buildings
Approximately 18% of contract work is complete with 25% of contract time utilized.

All shoring has been removed from Area A.
Installation of re-steel on Level 2 of Area B is complete.
Beginning to prep the slab on grade between areas B and C.

Air Traffic Control Tower:
Pile cap complete using approximately 350 cubic yards of concrete.
Beginning to form up the 1st level.

Air Maintenance Facility:
Backfilling of maintenance pit is complete. Preparing for slab on grade.

Air Cargo Facility:
Installation of pre-engineered metal building is ongoing.

Public Safety Building:
Completed concrete pour of perimeter footings/elevator footing.

Rental Car Facility:
Completing installation of underground utilites.

The average manpower on site for Contract 2 per day is 105 people based on a five day work week. Manpower on Saturdays is approximately 31 people.

Contract 3: Utility Contract
Approximately 18% of contract work is complete with 15% of contract time utilized.

Main Access Road:
3W2” Power Distribution Duct Bank: 53% complete.
Street light duct work: 65% complete.

Joyner Road:
24” water main: 90% complete.

GA Access Road:
30” water main: 45% complete.

Lift Station:
30% complete.

CR-388 & Main Entrance:
8” Directional Drill is complete.


Airport Update – Pictures of the Terminal Progress

The terminal at the new Panama City Airport located in West Bay in Bay County is moving along at a swift pace.  The percentage complete is just under 20% with all the pilings in place and the second floor structure being formed right now.

Construction of the terminal will last for the duration of the project.


New Aerials of the New Panama City Bay County International Airport

New aerials have been released of the construction progress at the new aiport site in West Bay in North Bay County.  The new airport in Panama City Beach is located on 4,000 acres of land donated by the St. Joe Company with the current infrastructure footprint using 1400 acres of the property.

This photo shows the terminal and main parking area.  The left side of the picture is south whereas the right side of the picture is north (or approximately).  The U-shape onthe bottom is the pavement around the main wing of the terminal with the T-shape (with the stem of the T fitting in the U) being the actual terminal footprint.  The box-shapes above the terminal area is the main parking with the cleared area above it (I beleive) will be auxilary parking.  The area to the left is the general aviation area.

Main Runway is PAVED at New Airport – VIDEO!

That’s right, the approved 8,400 feet of the main runway at the new airport site in Panama City is complete.  With the exception of the center where the runway lights will be installed, they are done.  Approval should come shortly from the FAA for the extension to the full 10,000 feet which will take just over 14 days to complete.

Onsite, they have the capability to produce concrete at the pace of filling a new mixing truck every 2.5 minutes so the actual paving goes pretty quick.  The concrete layer is 15 inches thick and it lays on top of 4 inches of asphalt.  The density is also much greater than the stuff you use to to pour your home’s foundation.

The terminal barely resembles a frame right now but is coming along.  Construction time on the terminal will last almost the duration of the project, along with te air traffic control tower.  The air traffic control tower has 72 piles already installed that reach 45 feet into the earth.  Instead of using pre-cast piles, they used auger-cast piles said Roy Willett, Senior Project Manager of KBR.  Auger-cast piles are set by drilling into the ground, and as the dirt comes up, it is replaced with concrete, all the while placing a steel rebar pole down the middle for reinforcement.  In the video, you can see where the earth movers are digging around the rebar to clear out the top of the pilings.

In my interview with Dr. Ed Wright, stand-in director of the Bay County Economic Development Alliance, it was mentioned that he wasn’t sure if the new airport would need any modifications with regards to turn-radius/taxiway requirements to accommodate the large Airbus A380 or other large cargo aircraft.  Willett confirmed that short of the largest of the Antonov and the largest of the Airforce’s cargo planes, the new airport will be able to accommodate it all with the 10,000 foot runway – turning radii and all.  Awesome, just flat-out awesome.!

I took some great footage this trip, enjoy!
January Airport Construction Update from Jason Koertge on Vimeo.

The Panama City Airport relocation is moving along quickly with the main runway almost completely paved. The prep work has been done for the extension to 10,000 and upon FAA approval, will be complete within a couple weeks. The Terminal is under construction, as well as the air traffic control tower.

Here are the photos.

New Aerials of the New Airport

No talk, all pictures:

This is looking from the south towards the north.  The segment off to the right will be the cross-wind runway.  To the far left of the property, you can see a portion of the road that leads up from highway 388.  The main runway, obviously, is right down the middle.

In this photo, you can see the terminal and main parking area.  the upside down U shape is where the terminal will be, I’m not sure that I can tell the overall footprint shape in this picture.

This is looking west from the east, the terminal is on the far side with an exterior service road shown leading to the bottom of the picture.

This picture more highlights the cross-wind runway.

Airport to begin Paving Runway

Nearly a whopping 3 months ahead of schedule, the 10,000 foot primary runway is only weeks from seeing the first warm morsels of pavement.  Although the current contract is for 8,400 feet, the funding is in place for the full 10,000 feet.  Hopefully this decision will be solidified in the coming weeks.

“Next week, we’ll begin laying pavement test strips for the runway,” said the Senior Project Manager for KBR, Roy Willett.  With over 130 pieces of Caterpillar equipment on site, the project has moved over 4 million cubic yards of material.  “There’s been a great level of cooperation from a local, state, and federal level,” said Willett.  “We don’t feel like we’ve had to pull this project along, like we have others in the past.”  80% of all storm sewer systems have been installed.

The main loop is paved, all except in front of the terminal.  There are heavy utilities that will be in front of the terminal building that need to be installed before the the paving can take place.  The 11,000 foot, 4 lane entrance road from Highway 388 has been completed since June and is now completely replaced the usage of the temporary construction entrance.

Looking at the terminal footprint, I expressed concern about the future expansion of the terminal building the additional airport facilities.  Randy Curtis explained that the terminal building can be expanded to the north and south to accommodate demand and the concourse could V at the end to purvey supplemental gates.  Long term plans also include another runway parallel to the primary runway with room for a terminal similar in size to the main terminal and a “mid-field” terminal as well.

With all the “bad” soil filling the holes where the “good” soil was excavated, the entire construction site is “balanced” in that no dirt had to be taken out, nor brought in.

The 10,000 foot runway will accomodate everything short of an Antonov filled with pipes.

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New Airport is on Schedule – Construction Update

The construction of the new airport is on schedule with paving of the runway to begin in 12 weeks. With over 40 million cubic yards of material moved since the beginning, still much work is to be done – obviously.

I’m not telling you anymore, you’ll just have to watch the video after the break.

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VIDEO: Panama City – Bay County International Airport Construction Update

The construction of the new Panama City – Bay County International Airport is ahead of schedule. The entire 1300 acres of the initial footprint is cleared with crews to start paving the main entry way from 388 in the next couple of weeks.

The recent approval of the state budget that included $12 million from the state will fund the first extension of the runway. Day one of operation for the new airport will include a full 10,000 foot runway. In addition, all the preparatory work will be done so that when they need to lengthen the runway to the full 12,000 feet, it will take a mere matter of months.

Something else that is cool about the construction of the new airport is that the terminal will be LEED certified using all recycled material. The stormwater treatment will be 50% greater than what is required.

There will be an additional 1400 acres outside the airport property that will be used for commercial development.

Check after the break for the video and more pictures.

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Coastal Vision 3000 Presentation on The Beach at New Airport Site

Coastal Vision 3000 takes off with Milestone Presentation at Panama City – Bay County International Airport Site

PANAMA CITY – Nearly 100 Northwest Florida business and community leaders came together today as officials with Coastal Vision 3000, a non-profit organization focused on marketing the region, and the Panama City – Bay County International Airport discussed future economic and growth opportunities for the area. The open-forum gathering, which was held under a tented meeting space at the site of the future airport, currently the only airport under construction in the country, was lead by Davage “Buddy” Runnels, chairman of Coastal Vision 3000 and chairman of the Destin-based The Sterling Companies.

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Construction Update – New Panama City Bay County International Airport

Panama City Airport Aerial

Huge progress has been made since construction began at the beginning of the year at the new Panama City Bay County International Airport site north of up Highway 79 north of Highway 388 in Bay County.

The entire site consists of 4,000 acres that can be used for the airport and all future expansions with a total 1,300 acres permitted for construction right now. Phase I will include a primary runway of 8,400 feet and a secondary cross-wind runway of 5,000 feet. The primary runway will run almost due north at 340 degrees with the secondary at around 50 degrees.

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